Services to Commercial Customers

We offer a wide range of services to our business customers
Door-to-Door service
Customs clearance
Documentation for VAT return
Air and Sea freight
Import for Re-export
Air delivery
For urgent deliveries. Our fastest mode of shipping
Air Express
Express delivery by air freight. Door-to-door delivery time (including customs clearance) 2 - 5 days.
Air Economy
Air freight delivery for less urgent cargo. A selection of optimal cost routes, allows for a lower cost that Air Express shipments, but at a longer time. Door-to-door delivery time (including customs clearance) 7 - 14 days.
Container delivery
Shipping method for most price sensitive goods. Best for non urgent cargo, large volume cargo and cargo with low value.
LCL (Less than Container Load) - if you do not have enough cargo for a full container, we can consolidate your cargo in one of ours.
Best option price-wise. If you have enough cargo for a full container (20 or 40 foot), we can offer you most attractive rates for door-to-door delivery.
How does it work?
Leave a request
Send us your requirements in any convenient format (website form, email, phone call).
Receive a quotation
Our team will contact you to clarify the details and will provide a quotation.
Fill in necessary forms
You will be provided with the forms to fill in. If required, our team will assist you with filling them. More detailed instructions about the forms can be found here.
Confirm a delivery to our warehouse
Confirm the preferred delivery time and method . If you are unable to deliver your goods, we can provide pick-up service.
Pay for the delivery
Once the goods are received at our warehouse and weighted, you will be issued an invoice for the services.
Track your shipment
Using our online tracking, you can check the status of your cargo at any time. You can also enable E-mail or SMS notifications for status updates.
Receive your cargo
Once your cargo reaches the final destination, you or your representative may collect the cargo from our warehouse, or arrange a delivery to your location. Detailed instructions on collecting cargo can be found here
Submit a request
Please fill in the form below, and we will get in touch as soon as possible
Delivery method
Cargo type
Cargo Contents
Weight (kgs)
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Customs clearance
We are ready to assist you in any customs related task
Personal Manager
We will provide you with consultation on import and export procedures. Your personal manager will answer any questions you may have on the documents required by authorities.
Payments calculations
Calculating customs payments will no longer be a hassle - our customs brokers will do it for you, quickly and efficiently. Vast experience of our brokers and customs specific knowledge, will help us avoid unnecessary customs inspections and charges for bonded warehouse storage.
Depending on your shipping terms, we can collect cleared cargo from any bonded warehouse and ship it to your overseas partners at a minimum cost and as quickly as possible.
Air and Sea Freight
If you are interested in just freight, without customs clearance, we can offer competitive rates to any world destination.
Wide agent network
During our time in operations, we have established a wide agent network around the globe. This allows us to control the execution of shipments during all the stages and obtain optimal tariffs for a given route.
Priority Placement
Since we have a very long standing relationship with shipping and air lines and due to our volume of shipments, we receive priority placement of our cargo. This means that in case there is an insufficient supply for a destination, our cargo gets placed with a priority.
Low tariffs
With our strong relationships and large volumes, we can offer one of the most compeitive rates on the market.
Import for Re-export
There are situations when you have to temporarily bring goods into UAE, for example for exhibitions of for subsequent transit.
Our experts will prepare all the necessary documents for import for reexport
Customs deposit
We will assist in the procedures of submitting customs deposit and returning this deposit from customs after the goods have left the country.
Storage and transporation within UAE
We can provide storage facilities and transportation services within UAE for your goods.
Preparation of export documents for VAT return claim
Recently, VAT has been introduced in UAE. We can assist in correct preparation of export documents for the goods, so that your supplier can claim VAT back from UAE tax authorities.
We prepare a separate exit declaration for each supplier that requires a VAT return
Customs inspection
Passing mandatory customs inspection
Complete set of documents
We provide your supplier with a full set of documents required for claiming VAT return
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