Al Daqiq Cargo was created with a goal of providing our partners with fast, accessible and professional logistics services.

Prior to setting up Al Daqiq Cargo, we've had a vast experience in logistics, both as customer and as service providers. However, none of the companies that we have worked with, was able to meet all of our requirements. So we have decided to create our own logistics company, that would combine all the critical qualities - speed of service, price and informational support.

To provide our customers with full information support, we have developed and implemented our in-house system, the Cargo Tracker. This system allows our clients to track the status of their cargo in real time, see the expected times, current location, etc. and check their up-to-date financials.

Due to our long standing relationships with airlines and shipping lines, we offer our customers unparalleled value for money for various transportation methods.
Some of our accomplishments in numbers
8 years
Our company was formed in 2013. Since then, we never stand still and keep on improving and expanding our services.
64 000+ shipments
Since the start of our operations, we have delivered over 64 000 customer shipments
1 day
Minimum door-to-door delivery time. Yes, you've heard it right, on some of our destinations we deliver the goods within 1 day.
5 flights/week
5+ flights per week leaving UAE with our shipments.
Our Values
We are constantly working on improving our services further
Service quality
We take pride in the quality of the services we provide, and are constantly working on improvements.
Precise delivery times
Our top priority is meeting the delivery times advertised to our customers.
24/7 support
Our team is always there to help you.
We take safety of your cargo very seriously. All our warehouses are equipped with CCTV cameras and recording system. All our partners in transportation chain are selected
Individually tailored approach
We select an optimal route for each customer, based on individual requirements. Price/Speed ratio, volumetric vs physical weight, and many other factors are considered in picking the best route.
Our pricing is 100% transparent, and our managers are always ready to explain how each tariff is formed. You are always aware of our pricing methodology and have access to your financial balances online.
Contact us:

Control Tower, Office 904
Motor City
Dubai, UAE
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